You have arrived at the hub for PSAP help. Depending on your needs, the PSAP offers several levels of help. See the sections below to determine which feature is best suited to your circumstance.

Tutorial Videos

Take a look at our short instructional videos to orient yourself if you are new to the application.

Which help feature is right for me?

Do you need a quick, graphic guide to get you started with the tool?

Click through to Getting Started.

Do you need help using the PSAP tool, understanding how to enter your resources, generating reports, or navigating the application?

Click through to the User Manual.

Do you need help understanding how to answer the assessment questions you are being asked, or do you need to know more about why we are asking particular questions?

Click through to Simple Help.

Click through to Advanced Help.

Do you need help identifying the format of your resource, or do you need to learn more about the history and best practices associated with a format?

Click through to the Collection ID Guide.

Click through to Advanced Help.

Other Resources